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[Netherlands]Monitor Dell E773

DELL CRT MONITORS MODEL E773 17 inch A-grade TCO 2001 MOQ 20ft We can supply also the following in large quantities: 17 inch A-grade mixed brands and models of COMPAQ/HP/FUJITSU/SIEMENS/IBM For more details please contact us.[...]


[Netherlands]Computer Compaq EVO

COMPAQ EVO 1.8GHZ/256MB/20-40GB/CDROM/SOUND/LAN COMPAQ EVO 2.0GHZ/256M/20-40GB/CDROM/SOUND/LAN COMPAQ EVO 2.4GHZ/256M/20-40GB/CDROM/SOUND/LAN Tested and cleaned, excellent working condions. Mixed models of D500/xx We can supply large quantities per month.We can supply TFT/LCD/CRT/PIII systems.[...]